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Jeffrey L Geren, Esq.

personal injury lawyer


Over 40 Years Experience


Over 100 Million Dollars Recovered


If you’ve been injured in any accident you need legal representation.  The insurance companies never pay what you deserve without a lawyer.


When you get hurt, your family hurts with you.

You need a lawyer who will stand by you from the first filing to the final award. Jeffrey L. Geren has been helping families for over 40 years receive compensation for all types of personal injuries and accidents whether at work, from car accidents, from trip and falls, defective products, and other negligent conduct, and dangerous conditions.


don’t sign a thing until we talk

Personal Injury Law

  • Wrongful Death – Accidental Death
  • Slips – Falls
  • Defective Products
  • Negligence in Public Spaces
  • Dangerous Conditions – Defective Roadways
  • Dog Bites

Auto Accident Cases

  • Car, Truck or Bus Crashes
  • Hit and Run
  • Pedestrian or Bicycle Injury
  • Motorcyclist
  • Train – Boat – Plane – Helicopter

Worker’s Compensation

  • Hurt On The Job – Disabled
  • Claim Disputes
  • Negligence
  • Construction Accidents

It's not just money

The toll personal injury takes on you and your family is intense.

It's time lost in waiting rooms

Someone may have to drive you – you may have no car.  It’s rough.

It's hard on the kids

The disruptions to normal family activities are scary for children.

If you're hurt at work

You lose your paycheck and depending on your injury, you might not be walking or working for a while.

No matter what they tell you, don't sign it.

Tell them to call Geren Law. 800-995-1196.

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Don’t listen to anyone except your lawyer.

Let’s talk about your case – there’s no charge.

Emblem of National Association of Distinguished Counsel

As of 2015, Jeffrey Geren’s Law Firm is in the Nation’s Top 1%

About Jeffrey L. Geren & Associates

Jeffrey Geren graduated from U.C.L.A. with honors and then obtained his Juris Doctor from San Fernando Valley College of Law in 1976. He opened his practice in Encino as a sole practitioner, which grew to become the fully bilingual (English- Spanish) Law Offices of Jeffrey L. Geren & Associates, which includes a team of dedicated attorneys:

  • Jeffrey Geren | Personal Injury 
  • David Lupoff | Workers Compensation
  • Robin Paley | Personal Injury; General Civil Litigation; Landlord-Tenant; Commercial/Business; Corporate; Wills/Trusts; Probate
  • Albert Coombes | Labor; Employment/Wrongful Termination; General Civil Litigation; Personal Injury; Bad Faith; Bankruptcy; Commercial/Business; Corporate; Probate; Real Estate Property

On some cases we also partner with Nationally Known, top quality law firms at NO ADDITIONAL FEE TO YOU.

We can't afford a lawyer.

Yes, you can.  There’s no money down – nothing to pay up front.  If we win, we take a percentage of the settlement.

My car is totaled! I can't get to work!

We need to get you a vehicle. Call us at 800-995-1196 and let’s see what we can do.

My Boss says they're not paying me workman's comp

Your boss doesn’t decide whether or not you can apply for workman compensation. Let’s get you into the office so we can talk about your case.

I can't work but my job says I'll be fired if I don't show up.

Before you go back on the job, a doctor will need to sign off that you are able to work. Your job can’t force you to come back before you’re fully able to work.

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 The Law Offices Of Jeffrey L. Geren & Associates Is Proud To Support The Great Non-Profit, St. Sophia Elizabeth Foundation, Helping Serve The AV

The Law Offices Of Jeffrey L. Geren & Associates Supports AV News Crew and it’s work in the AV

What Our Clients Think

Jeff is a great personal injury attorney.

I was referred to him over 10 years ago and have been coming to him ever since. Jeff needs to make his share, but he will always fight \to get you the best treatment if you’re injured and compensation. Location is good with plenty of parking in the back too.All of your staff is helpful as well!

Shawn D.

I would strongly recommend them.

My son was rear-ended at a stop light and they treated us with the greatest kindness and ethics. It is almost impossible to find a really reputable and respectable Personal Injury attorney. They have vast experience and you will like them and get the best, fairest, and most professional treatment possible in that otherwise very shady area of the legal profession.

April Alexander

You need an attorney who knows how to win

 Jeffrey Geren gets it done.

At Geren Law, we don’t just fight for our clients – we win for our clients, and win big.

Jeffrey Geren is an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how big insurance companies work.  They make you low-ball offers and hope it sounds like a lot of money. Because it’s usually nowhere near what they’ll have to pay if you hire us as your lawyer.


Personal Injury? Car Accident? Hurt on the Job?




Some Of Our Biggest Settlements to Date

Appartment Fire - Death

Mudslide Death Case

Partial - Death Case

Workman's Comp Award

Car Accident Award

Jeffrey Geren Law Practice

Personal Injury

We know how stressful this is for families.  Don’t hesitate to ask us for help. We have developed a fabulous list of doctors, physical therapists, psychiatrists and other specialists and experts. We’re here for our clients – and not just in court.

More Information

Car Accidents

If you’re in a car accident, call us immediately! We’ll help you get to the hospital from the scene or get to a doctor as soon as possible.  All the adrenaline from an accident (or if your body is in shock) can also cover up injuries that show up in a couple of days or weeks. 

More Information

Workmen Compensation

We know how stressful this is for families.  Don’t hesitate to ask us for help. We know who best to pick from the Company’s Medical Provider Network, to be your treating doctor. We’re here for our clients – and not just in court.

More Information

Call Geren Law

When you, a friend, or someone in your family is injured, you don’t have to go it alone. We’ll handle the legalities, so you can take care of yourself and your family.

Geren Law: Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

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About Geren Law

Law Offices of Jeffrey Geren & Associates is a full service law firm, specializing in personal injury law, including all accidents, defective products, negligence and worker's compensation.



Who We Help

Our main corporate office is in Encino, but we handle cases throughout the State of California, as well as out of state.



Contact Geren Law

PHONE: 800-995-1196

OFFICE: 15915 Ventura Blvd., PH4, Encino, CA 91436

HOURS:  8:00 am to 6:00 pm


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