If you, or someone you care about, has been involved in an accident that resulted in a personal injury or death, we can help recover the maximum compensation you deserve. At the Law Offices of Jeff Geren & Associates, we specialize in all types of accidents and personal injury cases. We only offer free consultations, and will help you through the entire legal process, from locating the best doctors and physical therapists to fixing your car. In death cases, we may also assist with funeral expenses. It is our goal to relieve you of the burden and stress associated with a personal injury or death in the family, and provide you with the highest monetary recovery for your case. Before settling with an insurance company, and receiving what may be may be a minimum settlement amount, contact our firm as soon as possible for a free consultation so you can determine whether our personal injury attorneys should be representing you. We’ll get you exactly what you deserve. No recovery. No fee. No hassles. Friendly staff, bi-lingual. Investigator on staff 20 years, bi-lingual.

Types of Injury

Brain Damage

Types of Accidents

Auto /Car & Bicycle
Construction site
Wrongful Death
Broken Bones
Slip and Fall
Spinal Injury

For over 35 years, the Law Offices of Jeffrey Geren & Associates have been fighting hard for their clients’ rights in California. Whether it’s personal injury or workers’ compensation or employment law, or medical malpractice, we’ll help you get exactly what you deserve.

Jeffrey L. Geren & Associates

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