L.A. Advances Rules for Street Vendors Selling Outside Law

Roughly 50,000 vendors roam the streets of Los Angeles piloting pushcarts of bacon-wrapped hot dogs, spiced fruit, flowers, T-shirts and trinkets, or so city officials estimate. No one really knows how many there are, because they’re all technically illegal. Los Angeles is the only one of the 10 largest U.S. cities that doesn’t permit street […]

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Hotel Industry Groups Sue Los Angeles Over Minimum Wage Law

LOS ANGELES—Two national hotel-industry groups are suing the city of Los Angeles, arguing a recent minimum-wage increase for hospitality workers unfairly targets the lodging business and runs afoul of federal labor law. The suit, filed in federal court here Tuesday by the American Hotel & Lodging Association and the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, takes […]

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Uber Advises Drivers To Buy Insurance That Leaves Them Uncovered

Uber is steering drivers to purchase auto insurance that leaves them uncovered when they’re trolling for fares and that often forces them to flout the law by lying when they register their automobiles, according to documents, interviews, and an Uber presentation attended by a BuzzFeed News reporter. The transit giant has been advising California drivers […]

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